Though it is not so hot, sweat is dripping from my body. I am out of breath unnaturally.

My hands and feet are heavy like lead, the view on my mind as If I was out of the sea.

All of the symptoms is due the『Poison』.

When I began to use《Dimension》and approximately 15 minutes passed from the fight with a rank 1 monster was occurred.

It was me who avoid all the monsters, but I was discovered by a monster which did not move accidentally either. The slightly bigger frog which does not move an inch under the debris which I will not understand if I do not use《Dimension》. It was a rank 1 and as I saw it was a sleepy monster.

Because the name was big frog and simplicity, I thought that experience level was possible without danger, and I smashed a frog with the sword.

Big frog itself died by the single blow, but the body fluid has attached to my body. My body is tattered, and the one which is important here is that my body has wounded everywhere.

The body fluid of the big frog gets into my wounded body and I fall into《State: Poisoned》

After I confirmed about my state according to the Status, immediately I take out an antidote from the belonging.

However, the poison is not cured.

I confirmed the details of the remaining antidote and noticed the situation.


ーA general antidote. Detoxification succeeds with 5% of probability for the poison cure except that mixed a poisonous attack of “Bee Poison”.

Seems like the antidote have a various type.

In other words, according to『Indication』the antidote only have 5% of probability to cure the poison.

I decided to use up all antidotes as I don’t mind with 5%.

「The antidote is no left……… Noooooo, oh crap, fucking crap…!」

The margin time that thanks to《Dimension》is no left anymore.

I’m sweating a lot and I’m losing my physical strength.

I made 《 ice 》 and put in my mouth, and there was not an effect which restores my HP although I supply with water.

I confirmed my status once again without standing.


Name: Aikawa Kanami HP17/51 MP61/72 class:ー Level 1

strength 1.11 physical strength 1.03 ability 1.01 speed 2.02 wisdom 4.00 magical power 2.01 quality 7.00 state: Confusion 1.09 bleeding 0.21 poison 1.00

ーSelf-Restored HP is 17 until 30 in 1:00 period.

My life is being reduced by poison in 1 every several minutes, for a feeling of irritation as well as my condition.


My breath is in confusion, and my consciousness becomes dim.

If I let this situation as for now I will die.

I look for the solution by thinking with my head.

I have several as for the plan, but their success probability is low.

I review my choice and decided a plan. I just use more《Dimension》at the expense of my remaining MP.

「ーDimension Magic 《Dimension》!」

I learned by trying it several times. This is kind of many cameras with remote control runs through a corridor as for it.

I just concentrate on a thing leading for a solution while the labyrinth is filled with characteristic monsters.

In the area where a perception range spread through to 50 times, I find the area with the big difference to a corridor.

The corridor was maintained. The floor is leveled and is coated with a mineral. A light was installed every uniformity interval and was like a totally artificial way.

Around the area, I widen my sense more.

And in a maintained path, I found several human beings walk on the way.

Therefore, I break off《 Dimension 》once.

My remaining MP is only one digit left.


Name: Kanami Aikawa HP16/51 MP9/72 class:ー

「Ukhhh! Haaahh………pant-pant………!」

I found a person.

Besides, I don’t expect to find a trouble if I pass with a person.

I remembered about the content of the previous conversation when I was attacked. 「Labyrinth, and more this place is 『The outside of management territory』ー」that’s what he said. So in other words, the path that I had been walking until now is 『The outside of management territory』so the fight naturally will occur. But the path which I found just now is 『The inside of management territory』that was maintained, so the fight does not occur over there. I think the possibility is to be high enough. I don’t have any choice but to bet on it.

「With minimum《Dimension》I walk toward the maintained path…!」

I rely only on to that direction.

I stop to confirm my losing HP and continue looking for a person.

The antidote that I found is from the corpse body.

Even I receive it or I have to steal it, nothing will not begin if I don’t meet with any person.

I moved my foot while letting eyes become bloodshot not to part with consciousness.

Fortunately, I arrived at maintained path straight without meeting with a monster. However, I don’t immediately to call out for a person.

I observe the maintained path carefully and watch the state of human beings from the shade by using《Dimension》.

I don’t want the same thing happening again.

At first, I eavesdrop on a conversation of man group of 3 whom near the area by using 《Dimension》which using my last MP. With this, the remaining MP is 4.

「HayーToday how about let’s advance to the seventh floor?」

「That sounds great. Recently my body is in good condition as well. I think it will be profitable if we just advance until that way」

「I do agree with you as well. It is about time we should explore more and widening the hunting areaー」

Men’s talk willingly while walking the way.

I understand that exploring labyrinth can gain a profit according to their conversation.

I don’t see them as a respectable person. If it is in my world, they give the air appearance to an aggressive look in them.

It will be hard for me to speak with them.

I desire to talk one on one. I prefer a person who is younger, a woman, a good-natured person is also good.

But, that just too much, it will be nothing if I’m dead now.

The current situation of my HP is decreasing.

I will use the last MP in the critical situation even I scared myself (not until zero but I will save my MP until 1) by using《Dimension》.

In approximately 200 meters from here, I found 4 groups of people. If say in game-like words is 4 party.

The first party is, that 3 man before. Next is mixed men and woman as 5 people in the party. And, the silver armored body of 4. The last is 2 girls in the party.

Without hesitation, I go straight for that 2 girls as in 1 party.

Their looks are calm and gentle. I hope they would willing to help me.

But, I have to past of 2 parties who are a group of mixed man and woman and a group of silver armor.

I let out a breath and wait for time to pass.

And I continue to hide until the 2 girls who looks like to be the safest appear, but…

「Oiiiー. The person who is hiding over there, you should come out now」

I was noticed by silver armored group plainly.

The mixed group of man and woman didn’t notice me, but the silver armored group noticed me who was in the blind spot.

I was called out to, and my heart feels like to pops. However, they are my second priority.

So I gather a courage to make a conversation with them.

I put a one hand sword in the shade and appear to the maintained path carefully.

「Fumu, is he only a theft?」

A tall man is asking.

Looks like the silver armored four people is rich people, unlike the human beings who I met so far.

If I take a look, only 1 girl is among the group. She looks like close to my age and her body as well. And, she is so beautiful. A face which looks like a doll, and shining white silver long hair caught my eyes immediately.

Then I meet her eyes with my eyes. She is taking my interest with the nonsense of reality in her body.

I decided to call out to the other man. I have my eyes on the man who is the tallest and seems to be respectful.

「I’m not a theft. I have been wounded, So I was taking a rest.」

「If you say that you should have been rest in the correct way. not telling lies」

The man is declining me. I feel a little anger from his voice.

Somehow beside the maintained way, there is another place which is suitable to take a rest. I put a caution on caution, but the situation has become turned the opposite of what I’m hoping for.

I was wrong from the start.

「I have the reason to not take the rest in correct place. I don’t have any malicious intent. Please believe me!」

Well, his reaction reacted to my lies.

So he is just angry because of my lie. That’s what I thought after I have glanced my eyes with him.

「Fumu. It is certainly impossible if you ambush us by yourself」

To hear my desperate voice, the man softened his faces.

The other man has also.

「Just a kid with himself. What can he do? That’s not a problem」

「I think he is lost kid in this labyrinth. Otherwise, he was just a baggage carrier which his party is annihilated 」

Men interpreting it conveniently without permission.

In the first place, I did not seem to be considered a great menace with the looks of me who was tattered.

I’m watching the situation so that a thing does not become worse as possible.

「It not wise to be afraid of a kid. That’s against out chivalry」

「Shut up you Hein. You should pay attention more. I just carry out my duty to make confirmation. How about it, my enthusiasm for work?」

A little air which clowned comes out.

I heard a word 『Chivalry』, these people might be considered as a good-natured person. I suggest I can judge by their outfit. It might be now to go now than nothing.

I make up my mind and I’m going to talk about my poisoned body.

「Mmmm, The fact isー」

「ーYou, Looks like you are interesting one」

However, the girl interrupted me.

The beautiful girl stood near me as soon she interrupted me.

And I was caught by her golden eyes. She is so beautiful and she look at me carefully.

Her companion was surprised her sudden action then they called out to her.

「Eh…Milady, Is there any problem…?」

「Ah…My bad. There is no a problem」

The girl still approaches me while saying so.

I wanted to raise a loud voice. I wanted to shout to not approach me.

However, my throat dries and sticks, so the words won’t let out.

「WaーWait seconds. Milady please refrain the contact with him!」

One of the men raises a voice.

「Just a little it will be no a problem. Because nothing will happen if I just touch him. Let me talk a bit with him」

「Is that so? but…」

The argument was cut off by the girl, looks like the men understand for her worlds.

The girl who made them shut up, approaches me to the distance that her face and my face is being close together.

「You are really interestingー」

The girl is whisperings which only me be able to hear her.

「ーInteresting. Enviable. I really, I really, envy you」

Only in the whisper.

Her low voice made my back chill.

The girl drops her beautiful eyebrows. I understand she seriously envies me with a wistful expression.

There is nobody except me who understand. The other 3 men are just watching over us.

「Excellent, excellent, excellent, excellent, Excellentー」

The girl continues whispering me as if she is cursing me.

I have no left option but to endure it, and she continues muttering with her pretty lips.

「Is there anything wrong with you Milady? Or what are you looking at?」

One man asked her impatiently.

Taking to respond him, the face of the girl became straight. Instantly her jealousy until a while ago fades away and became such as a doll which expressionless.

And the girl turned toward her companion and makes a smile.

「Yup, it is as you said」

She turned herself innocent even though she just cursed me a while ago.

「I see. So do he has interesting skill?」

「No, It’s not like that. But he is suffering due the poison in him. And I intend to give him a treatment with recovery magic」

To think I didn’t even talk, I leaked out a words 「Eh?」

As if it a lucky day, and like my blood started rotating in my body which was frozen before.

「Ah, I see. It was such a thing」

「Then, The really gentle me will help you…」

Then the girl turned back toward me, and she started to chant a magic.

(TL: This is kind of hard for me to translate the chanting, so I just let it be like it was) 「『Naderu Youkou ni Utae』, 『Suku Mizu wa Haboroshi ni, Kaerazu no chi』, 『Ten to Chi wo Kazase』ー」

Snow-white light overflows from the hand of the girl, then the light wrapping my body.

Thanks to it, my pain is lessened. I watch my own body be lightened as if it was a lie.

I’m only watching her magic wrapping me. Well, there is no reason to resist since I knew this is a recovery magic.

「ー《Full Cure》. Yup, It’s done.」

Then the girl made a smile to me.

There is no feeling of the jealousy again in her smile.

And the girl is muttering 「Let’s see」while checking about my condition again.

「Uhmmー Ehhh…Ohhh… Looks like that『Confusion』of your status is not a bad status. Really interesting. Ah, because it was already late to treat your burnt wound so it will be traced like that」

The girl nods as having admired. And. to suddenly she said 『Confusion』.

I confirm my status.


Name: Kanami Aikawa HP51/51 MP1/72 class: ー Level 1

strength 1.12 physical strength 1.03 Dex1.02 speed 2.02 wisdom 4.00 magical power 2.01 quality 7.00 state: Confusion 1.00 – –

『Bleeding』and 『Poisoned』is gone but 『Confusion』is remaining.

Is the girl could see 『Indication』also?

It may not be the same thing, but at least, it was already lessened to 『Confusion』.

Then I only hear her laughs thinly with a cheeky manner.

「Let’s meet again, Kanami Aikawa. Ah, by the way, remember my name is Las Tiara」

「Milady, was there anything?」

After the confirming the recovery magic is done, the men are approaching.

「No, there is nothing. Oh, I feel good after helping someone. Well then, there is no time left let’s go」

Las Tiara, the girl who gave her name with honorific leave me as if there is no longer worth to talk. Then I speak at once.

「Th, Thank you very much…」

「That’s fine, Someday I will have you to pay me back」

Las Tiara makes a smile as such a carnivorous animal.

Of course, only I can see it.

「Let’s meet again boy! Take care」

「Straight to go back」


The other man is smiling as to respond. Well, unlike Las Tiara I don’t feel any insanity from them. They smile as if they accomplished for having protected a weak thing.

Well, as soon as possible I decide to move away from Las Tiara.

「Yes, You saved me. Well then, let’s meet again」

As I said so, I advance to the opposite direction where they are going to the maintained path. The man makes sure while waving their hand without question. Well, perhaps the exit is this way then.

I float a fake smile and leave the silvered armor group.

Honestly, I just wanted to escape from Las Tiara.

Even though we are separating away, the girl still looking only at me. Even after parted, the chill on my back still won’t go away.

I think it’s better for me to take quick steps.

But still after we meet, they are good people.

Even so, the thought of a trauma that my first encounter with a human is I was considered to be a decoy and my foot was cut is still strong. But, mainly thanks to Las Tiara my uneasiness became lessened.

I walk heading to Correct Path which according to their story.

I pass the duo woman party but I didn’t need to be called out to them in particular.

If I don’t mistake, I certain the way of exit is here. But I’m feeling lost somehow.

I pass many various parties in the way.

By passing them I evaluated them as well with my eyes, I’m glad the problem does not occur.

And, finally after went through of correct path I arrived at the exit.

「I did it…I did it…!」

It as if my eyes was burned by the sunlight, the wind is blowing gently, and a good smell unlike inside the labyrinth.

I realized it when I reached the outside.

When I expressed my joy, the man who fixed his position nearly called out to me.

「Oiーoiー, You are too exaggerating」

The man laughed friendly. But, I stiff my body after I saw he is hanging a sword on his waist.

I don’t feel any hostility from the man. He is very likely to be a guard who is standing in front of the exit. Appropriate for his clothes is formal.

I drop my thought and control my feelings. And I started to make a conversation with the man slowly.

「Yea, Because I did work hard…」

I choose harmless words and look for the situation.

「Certainly, by judging your clothes I’m surely you were having a hard time huhー Well, you can use the water over there」

The man says so and points out the water with his thumb.

「Thank you very much. You are very kind, I will go」

I lowered my head while being delighted in my heart.

「No problem, because this is my job as well」

I begin to walk to the direction where the man points out.

Even he said that this was his duty and I don’t know how he do in the public, but still I was helped.

I walked to some extent and I found a well.

I was discouraged by the different which I imagined it is modern. But still this helps me.

It did not take me time to do since the well is the same as in my world.

I supply the water to the empty leather bag which was inside my『Belonging』. Next, I wash my clothes. Just by wiping the mud to some extent, the clothes became clean. I confused whenever I should wash the knife as well or not, since it is smelly I rinsed it in the water.

I thought about the previous man while washing.

Since the passing people are few, the risk to being heard is low as well. The looks and his personality is not bad. Obtain an information from him is a good idea.

I approach the guard after I performed a conversation simulation inside my head.

「You really saved me much, Thank you very much」

「Ah, Well since this place is North Whoseyards and the water is only at the entrance of the labyrinth」

「……Mm, mm, I see. is there any water besides here?」

「Ah, there is in Knight Nation. a one of five countries which clung to the dungeon」

Mm. As expected, a word that I have never heard about.

To be frank, I wanted to talk about my original world. However, this the world which magic is commonly known. So I think my wish will be not answered. I decided to pretend to know about it and draw out the information.

「You said Whoseyards, is there a place where the money is needed?」

「Of course. There are exclusive facilities made for the labyrinth. Why did you ask boy? Is this your first to came this country?」

「Yes, it is as you said」

「Well I think it’s because recently to coming and going to 5 countries is easy」

「That is why could you please tell me about the place where I can get more information?」 「Well, then you should go straight from here until you find an open space in the center. In the center, you will find a map which is drawn in the signboard. From there, you should find a library to get more the information. But I think you should go immediately to Guild Association」

「I see, Thank you very much」

I lower my head deeply and thank him.

「That’s fine because this is my job as well」

The man says that I don’t need to be polite while he is stretching his cheeks in embarrassing.

From here the further conversation is not possible anymore. There may be an opportunity to talk with him again in the future since this man who takes care in a various way. As I have no doubt, I part with the man.

「Then, See you again」

「Ah, See you again」

After I waved my hand gently to him, I head straight to go to center open space.

While heading there, I look at the surface of the labyrinth.

The labyrinth is so huge and mysterious.

In the mid of its labyrinth pierced through the sky like a tree reaching to the sky, from its root there is old designed building can be seen as well. A jewel which cloudy is sticking to the branch of its gigantic tree looks like flowers which have seven colors as it’s seen at the distance.

It can be seen as the blooming flowers. An irregular big one. Possibly the looks like of the blooming flower are the labyrinth.

I’m overwhelmed by the existence which you can only find in the imagination.

The huge labyrinth as if it has its own intention and staring down at me. I feel such a strong solemn pressure.

And, at that moment, I can feel the mysterious sense from it.

I have the feeling that the labyrinth has already known about me and it will always overlook me.

I nodded myself and continue my walk.

I turned my back from the labyrinth, and I begin to walk. I leave the place with quick steps while savoring a joy which I was able to escape from the labyrinth.

I feel like being swallowed once again to the labyrinth if I don’t go soon.

Although this is the world which I have never seen before but I did not lose my way.

It is strange as if my path is already been decided. The people here is good looking if think about them without their old-fashioned outfit, hahh…I’m thinking too much. In the edge of the road, there is a clean mineral which seems like a jewel. I found them on the correct path as well, the jewel is lined without breaking off.

Perhaps in this world, the jewel is not valuable things.

I see a house when I continued my walking on such a fantastic path.

A variety of houses made from a tree and a brick. The view of the town was visible like in the kingcraft RPG game. Looks like the culture deviates to the West when in the middle Ages of times.

The people who are walking in the town had a vigor. The people are variety as well. There is a person who wears a cloth like a smock, and a heavy steel armored man which sounding its armor. Their color skin is variety as well. There is appear a person has a figure such as the beast who had a bared sharp tusk. The other is a person who had a long ear and a tail with beautiful fur. This is a fantastic racial.

I feel like I’m lacking a common sense in this world while mixing my common sense from my original world.

At the same time, a hard sound can be heard as its reducing the noise of the people.

It made me feels like there is no one even though there are many people in here. I’m hopeless by being under this wide sky. This feels like when I lost in a department store when I was young.

Certainly, this is not my world. The fact is the scene merciless breaking my common sense now.

I feel dizzy. A sense of my common sense collapses. Though I don’t want to admit it but it can’t be helped I have to admit it that the scene in front of my eyes is real.

Well, I’m sure this place is…ー

【Skill 『????』is activated】

For some reason in exchange to my respond, the Confusion gets a revision of +1.00.


The 『Indication』is displayed.

I look at 『Indication』calmly.

It appeared about the symptom. It was the due of the thought of having irritation and uneasiness.

If I recalled it, this『???』appeared according to my uneasiness, this skill helped me calm. Without this skill which helped me calm and concentrate, it would be impossible for me to fight with the huge wolf which I had cut before.

I look surrounding once again.

There is nobody I knew here. Including the building as well.

This is too much of non-reality.

This positive proof of fantastic scene is not my original world.

My wishful thinking of this is just a plan to attract a foreign tourist or this place is an uncivilized land in the earth fall and loose.

ーAh, it can’t be helped.

The most important thing now is 「What should I do」

Nothing is provided by giving up. I gather my thought about the next action in my head calmly.

「The first is signboard」

I clap my cheeks and fired up again, I walk with a dignified look in the town.

Fortunately, I’m not really stand out with my appearance since there are many adventures who carrying a sword and overcoat in this town. I found a central open space in the place where I walked for approximately several minutes.

As for the size is as if a domed baseball stadium. A big signboard stood in the center.

There were no people who looked at the signboard. Truthfully, there were no one stopping. It may usually this open space uses for a public event.

In big signboard, a map is written down, and the history of the country is written down as well.

Not far away, an excellent statue stood up. It may be something like a monument of this country.

I intend to memorize all and begin to look at the signboard.

According to the information in the signboard, this country is built for the labyrinth.

Exactly like an allied power which clinging to the labyrinth of five countries sharing and teaching the religion and as full portrait this country is built in order to capture the labyrinth. According to the religion, your wish will be granted by reaching the deepest part of the labyrinth.

It is an order to clear the condition.

So if I want to return to my original world, I have to clear all 100 levels of the labyrinth.

Then, I continue to read again.

The place where I’m now is at the northern part of the labyrinth, Foods Yards. It’s a country centered on respecting the chivalry of great knight and nobility.

The map drawn on the signboard wrote down where of Whoseyards in detail.

Whoseyards is divided by 100 of the domain, and a number is attached to each domain. The more the number is low, it does mean where the high-class noble is living.

By the way, this place’s number is 21. There is a downtown if I advance from here to 22, and 20 where a Public Institution is.

Thanks for the information, I decided to leave for the library where it is at 20.

Because it was built to the place where the library is outstanding like the symbol of the town, so I will not a loss.

I enter the building while hiding my uneasiness. Some people in charge confirmed about me but I wasn’t stopped.

This building looks like a wooden large European-style. This place is very quiet, well since this is a library it would apply anywhere that has to be quiet. I picked up several books which seem to help me and I sit down near to one of the tables.

However, I have a question for my act when I tried to open the book.

Honestly, I should have don’t understand about this world’s letter.

「Why? I can read it?」

I muttered.

Due to my noise, the people around glaring at me.

「……I’m sorry」

With a lower voice, I apologized.

After that, the people begin to read their book again.

In the first place, their looks are strange.

From what I saw if there are a blonde Caucasian, in here there are a people with the beast ear.

And more, the book which I opened is strange. It is the enumeration of a strange letter belonging to neither English nor Japanese if I look at it well. However, I thought that I have just to get know about this world and picked the book up.

The language which is strange is translated in Japanese.

Somehow the words from my mouth are rearranged conveniently.

It may cause of the magic. However, if I put this in my original world way, to perform a brain surgery is necessary.

Just by imagine it, It’s very frightening me.

【Skill 『????』is activated】

Confusion stabilizing mind in exchange for some feelings gets a revision of +1.00 to Confusion.


The fear is vanish and once again I regain my calm.

It was thanks to Skill 『????』. But I have a bad feeling about it.

Seems like the condition of the trigger is depend on my emotional state.

Well, I should try to limit my thought and not being controlled by the strong feeling.


With a deep breath, I became calm.

I understand. Of course, it is not usually my calm. This is an abnormal calm.

No, perhaps it may not a『Calm』but a different thing.

The uneasiness is still left. However, my only option depends on this.

It is clear at a glance by looking at the status, my status of『Confusion』cannot be stopped.


Name: Kanami Aikawa HP51/51 MP1/72 Class:ー Level 1

Strength 1.12 physical strength 1.03 ability 1.02 speed 2.02 wisdom 4.00 magical power 2.01 quality 7.00 State: Confusion3.00 It is a point which confusion was cleared up till now. It may due the effect of the skill 『????』. However, It’s frightening me about my state: Confusion 3.00 according to the 『Indication』. This excites my uneasiness.

This is very anxious, but there is no help for it even if I think further.

The thing that I could do now is gain more information by continue to read the book.

I devoted to finding more information about this world, its country, its cultures, and about labyrinth from the books.

El Laberinto del Mundo Diferente · Fin

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